Welcome to the Villa

Kalami will always be the perfect place for holidays for me, for two reasons: firstly because the village is very beautiful, and secondly because Villa Matella is the oldest and most traditional house in the area, renovated in a delightful ecological fashion.

Villa Matella has been and still is our family home for the last three hundred and plus years (you can look up our interesting sociologically genealogical tree).

When I was young, there was no electricity or running water and this was the most wonderful experience of my childhood, along with old oil lamps and the small gas cooker on the wooden table, in which we used to fry potatoes and meat balls for lunch.

I wish I could retain those old ways, but I doubt it would be popular with today’s tourist :)

We have thus modernised Matella Restaurant, yet we still offer freshly cooked food.

You may browse through photographs of our comfortable apartment, which we rent out. It is a four bedroom apartment accommodating four to eight people, with a big kitchen and two bathrooms, easy access to the sea, air-conditioning, TV and WiFi connection. What is most important is that it retains its traditional charm, but is equipped with modern amenities.

The apartment has wheelchair access, and pets are welcome. We promise you security, cleanliness, good food in our quaint little restaurant and quality holidays.


Welcome to the Villa


Katsarou –Vlahou family welcomes you in our traditional northern Corfiot home.

Matella's Restaurant


Welcome to our Reasturant.

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Villa Matella successfully bonds the 250 years of her history with modern accommodation services.

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Conveniently located 30km north of Corfu Town, Kalami is an ideal base for exploring the island.

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