Philarmonics Orchestra of Corfu

Today 22/6/2013, prepare to be enthralled with the “spirit of music” of the philharmonic orchestras of Corfu.

The Philharmonic Orchestras of Corfu are world-renowned. They were founded at a time when clubs and societies flourished in Europe during the 19th century, a fact with which Corfiots studying at European universities were well aware of .The opportunity to establish the first Philharmonic society arose during the period of the British rule during which it was common for a British military band to perform at important ceremonial events yet in 1837 orchestral accompaniment for Orthodox processions was refused by the British. This spurred Corfiots into action and three years later, in 1840, the Philharmonic Society of Corfu was founded. There were so many local musicians that wished to support the newly-founded orchestra and be part of the Society that the founding of yet another philharmonic orchestra was deemed necessary.

In the following years, this enthusiasm spread throughout the island and this is how Corfu has ended up with18 active philharmonic orchestras today. They are all non-profit companies, whose activities include providing musical training, awarding scholarships to exceptionally-skilled students and of course performing at celebrations and events both in and outside Corfu.


1) Corfu Philharmonic Society

2) Mantzaros Philharmonic Society

3) “Omonia” Philharmonic Society of Gastouri

4) Skripero Philharmonic Society

5) Musical and Artistic Association of Lefkimi

6) Lefkimi Philharmonic Society

7) Kinopiastes Philharmonic Society

8) “Spiros Samaras” Philharmonic society of Korakiana

9) Sinarades Philharmonic Orchestra

10) Kapodistrias Philharmonic Association

11) “Gerasimos Markoras” Philharmonic Society of Kato Korakiana

12) Kontokali Philharmonic Orchestra

13) “Agios Nikolaos” Philharmonic Association of Lakones

14) Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra of Thinali