First appearance of inhabitants during the Neolithic Era 30,000-70,000 B.C.

Areas of Grava and Gardiki

- First settlements in Sidari in 6,000 B.C.

- Corfu becomes a part of the Homeric kingdom of the Phaeaceans and King Alkinoos

- 8th century B.C.  Settlers from Evia (Eretrians) settle down in Corfu due to its advantageous geographical location

- 734 B.C. Corinth and its leader Hersicrates banish the settlers of Evia and names the island “Hersoupolis”

- 664 B.C. Sea battle between the Corfiots and the Corinthians (victory of the Corfiots), the oldest recorded naval battle in Greece

- 338 B.C. The Corfiots take part in the battle of Heronia as allies of the Athenians. The allies were defeated by King Phillip the 2nd of Macedonia.

- 229 B.C. The Corfiots seek protection from the Romans in order to encounter the attacks and looting of the Huns and Arabs.

- Christianisation of Corfu by Jason and Sosipater the students of Apostle Paul.

- 295 A.D. Corfu becomes part of the Roman Empire, later known as Byzantine Empire.

- 968 A.D. The Byzantine name “Koryfo” appears for the first time by the Bishop Liutprand.

- 1081 A.D.  The Island is taken over by the Norman leader Robert Guiscard.

- 1199 A.D. the Genoan pirate Leon Vetrano takes over Corfu which is under the rule of Venetian nobles.

- 1537 A.D. Suleiman the Magnificent organises an attack with Barbarosa but fails

- 1571 A.D. the Corfiots play an important role in the naval battle of Nafpaktos and contribute to the victory of the Christian alliance.

- 1797 A.D. The Republic of Venice comes to an end thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte. The treaty of Campo Formio leads to the formation of a Borough Council with Spyridon Theotokis as president and to the implementation of the French Constitution of 1795.

- 1799 A.D.  The Ionian Islands are occupied by the Russian-Turkish alliance.

- 1800 A.D. The Septinsular Republic is established under the rule of the Sultan.

- 1807 A.D. The Ionian Islands are given back to the French under the Treaties of Tilsit between France and Russia.

- 1814 A.D. Corfu is back under British rule after the fall of Napoleon.

- 1815 A.D. The Congress of Vienna accepts the proposal of the representative of Russia, Ioannis Kapodistrias, who proposes that independence of the Ionian Islands is accepted but under British protection.

- 1864 A.D. The Ionian Islands become part of the Greek State under the implementation of the Treaty of London.

- 1st World War – Corfu becomes a military base and refuge for the Serbian army.

- 2nd World War - The 10th Infantry Regiment of Corfu remains on the island to defend it. Corfu is occupied by the Italians.

- 1943 The Germans bomb Corfu and destroy churches, the Ionian Parliament, the Municipal Theatre etc.

- 1944 The Germans leave the island on October 9th 1944